Dutch Engineering

Dutch Engineering is supplier for composite metal deck flooring systems. Apart from the supply of the products, Dutch Engineering provides technical assistance in both design stage and during installation and construction. Assistance is available to all callers, i.e. including students. A design programme can be down loaded to assist the correct profile choice and slab thickness.

The range of 8 different profiles varies from ComFlor 46 to ComFlor 100 in the shallow decking series and ComFlor 201 0 with ComFlor 225 in the deep decking series. Practical spans vary form 200 mm to 9000 mm, depending on profile and slab thickness choice. When building free of temporary propping, spans of up to 5500 mm are achievable. The range of application for decking is fairly universal, but renovation, industry, challenging architecture with cantilevers, shopping outlets and schools/offices are all great users. The relevant reasons for such are the light weight of slabs, high strength of finished floors, quick delivery with easy logistics and handling and fixing, and finally, the flexibility of design up until a very late stage in the process. Durability of the system is becoming more and more relevant, but Tata Steel has modern and up to date production systems and processes with the relevant documents to proof such.

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