At Adviesbureau Lüning we live and breathe timber. We believe in a more sustainable world and the positive role the construction industry can play. Our love for the beauty of timber structures and the knowledge that construction in timber requires craftsmanship, drives us to specialize in timber projects.

Adviesbureau Lüning consists of a team of experienced timber specialists. The inherent beauty of the material is what drives us. Not only its warmth, natural lines, veins and knots, but also its contribution to a healthy indoor climate and the elegance of structural details. These qualities make it self-evident for us to think and design in timber.
We stand for unique and innovative timber structures. Our goal is to enhance the public space while making the construction industry more sustainable. We do this from the conviction that people feel more comfortable, stay healthier, and perform better in well-designed buildings.
Timber offers real possibilities when it comes to sustainability. Being a renewable biobased resource which captures carbon, it truly is circular. Therefore, we believe building in timber to be the answer to the current climate challenges.
Building in timber requires craftsmanship. We enjoy a challenge and have experience with many different structures. From big to small; buildings to bridges: Adviesbureau Lüning provides design and calculation services from concept stage to final details for construction.

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