Colloquium on fatigue of metals

On the 18th of April, a colloquium will be held on research of fatigue in metals. The colloquium will take place in VRT 8.06, where PhD students will present their research. Additionally, Emiel Amsterdam from NLR will present a research. Students are also very welcome to join the event! 

The afternoon will start with lunch from 12:30 - 13:00. If you want to join for lunch, please register by sending an email to Johan Maljaars before the 11th of April

The agenda for the afternoon is the following: 

13.00-13.15 Welcome, purpose of the meeting, agenda

13.15-15.15 Presentations of PhD students (15 minutes of presentation, 15 minutes of discussion)

  • 13.15-13.45 AI-aided visual steel bridge inspection – Andrii Kompanets
  • 13.45-14.15 Enhanced interpretation of time of flight flaw inspection – Denis Goto
  • 14.15-14.45 Crystal plasticity model for fatigue crack nucleation – Danish Khan (on-line)
  • 14.45-15.15 Crack growth and fracture of squat defects in rail – Sjoerd Hengeveld

15.15-15.30 Break

15.30-16.20 Fatigue crack driving force in metals – Emiel Amsterdam (LNR)

16.20-16.45 Elevator pitches of PhD students

  • 16.20-16.25 Repair of orthotropic bridge decks with bonded patches – Xudong Wang
  • 16.25-16.30 Structural reliability of bridges enhanced with measurements – Elena Zancato
  • 16.30-16.35 Reliability of bolted flange connections in offshore wind turbines – Hendrik Baarssen
  • 16.35-16.40 Detection of defects in blades of wind turbines – Muyao Li
  • 16.40-16.45 Effect of waviness and surface defects of WAAM Xinmiao Liu

16.45-17.00 Wrap-up and concluding remarks

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