Board interest drink

KOers is a very active association with many activities that are organised each academic year. Besides that, we travel together and partake in interesting events. To coordinate all of this, and make sure it is all successful, there are people working behind the scenes (and in front of course). We as the 53rd board have enjoyed working for this association, but as is with all good things, it must end at some point.

That is why we are looking for new enthusiastic KOers members who want to take over for us. Are you interested in doing a board year at KOers next year? Then join us at the board interest drink! It is normal that you might have many questions about all the things related to being part of a board. That is why we organize a drink and information meeting about becoming a boardmember. It will take place on the 28th of March.
We will start of by giving some general information about being board in Vertigo. Afterwards, we will have some board role speed dates with drinks in the Hubble. 

We are looking forward to meeting some members of the 54th board of KOers and encourage all (slightly) interested members to join us for this event!


Want to participate?