KOers Travels - Sweden & Finland

Join our summer 2021 study trip! We will travel to Göteborg (Sweden) & Helsinki (Finland). The trip is planned for July 5th to July 14th / 15th. Subscribe to this event before the subscription deadline and we will let you sign the contract for participating in the trip. If more than 16 people join, we will raffle as prescribed by the HR of KOers, found in the footer of our website. The maximum cost will be around €450,- per person. The exact costs may be slightly different from this estimation.

What can you expect from this trip?

  • Included are flights, transfers, hostels, and breakfast.
  • Fun activities and company visits
  • Some clothing, travel reader, and travel report included
  • Lunch lectures and case study (mandatory participation) before the trip 

This event may need to change as a result of COVID-19 policies.
We will take infection risk, vaccination progress, and travel policies into account. The travel policies of the Netherlands, the countries of destination, and the TU/e will need to be considered. The decision to cancel or to proceed with the trip is made in May. This will then be announced to participants. Payment will happen after this go/no-go moment. If the study trip changes to entirely different locations, you can opt out of the trip, even if you signed the contract. If you have COVID-19 when we plan to depart, your payment will be reimbursed. Any additional details will be added to this page and communicated to those who subscribe. 

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