ABT Design Challenge

As always the goal of the ABT Design Challenge is to discover structural principles by building and testing in scale. In this years challenge you are challenged to design and build a model of a structure against wind loads and test it in the TU/E wind tunnel!

The planning of the ABT design challenge is as follows:

Monday November 28th:
12:30-13:30    Lunch lecture by Van de Laar
13:30-14:00    Explanation of the challenge
14:00-18:00    Building a model
18:00-19:00    After drink in SED lab

Wednesday December 7th

9:00-17:00    You will go to the wind tunnel to test your model in groups. This takes approximately 1 hour per group.

Interested, subscribe below! We have a maximum of 30 participants.


Note: If you do not have access to the workshop (you did not have safety instructions in the workshop yet) then please contact us!

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