KOers is going digital again! Unfortunately, we are not able to organize real-life activities in the coming weeks, but we will continue online! It can be hard to keep up with sports, especially in these times. Therefore, MOVEmber is introduced. In MOVEmber, a series of sports related activities is organized in the form of online workouts, challenges, and more. Join us so we can stay fit together!

Those who participate in our MOVEmber activities with the most dedication will get a special reward! Be present during every workout session, and meet the steps of the weekly challenge every week, and you will receive a present during the ice skating event. We will accept one single absence or one week with insufficient steps.

Weekly workout session
Starting in the second week of the month, every Wednesday from 16:00 till 17:00, we will organize a workout session that consists of multiple exercises. Subscribe to this activity if you want to receive the link to the online sessions!

Because the BouwQ Challenge takes place on a Wednesday, the first workout session takes place on Friday the 13th of MOVEmber, 16:00-17:00.

Monthly Challenge
During MOVEmber, you are challenged to take 51 000 steps in one week. Subscribe and find out more about our monthly challenges here!

Ice skating
We conclude MOVEmber with ice skating! For the details, click here.

Want to participate?